Blessing, Friendship

Friendship is a blessing

Friendship is a blessing.


Perhaps the most important requirement for ultimate happiness is to know friendship.  Feeling of abandonment, despair, and sadness follow our lives when we don’t have meaningful friendships.  God never meant for man to be alone and this is why he created (wo)man.


When we engage in laughter, play, and expression with a friend we can reflect in a mirror our humanity to our brothers and sisters around the world.  Never forget that all humans have the same basic needs.  The satisfying of hunger, thirst, shelter, warmth from the cold, cooling from the heat, safety, security, peace, and love.  Everyone wants to feel valued and needed to know they matter.

No matter what you may see in another know that he/she always mirrors these same needs to you.  Notice others and make them feel important and notice how many real friends you will have in your life.


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