SPORT = HOPE = OPPORTUNITY – Gear for Goals changing the world one ball, one mitt, one jump rope at a time.

Since inception Gear for Goals has provided sports gear to over 30,000 children in 16 countries.  Children in Kenya, Philippines, Jamaica, India, Cuba, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, United States, and Haiti have received sports gear and something far more important, HOPE.  

One of the most powerful truths we see in the eyes of many children living in an under resourced part of the world is a sense of despair behind the the veneered smile that is attempting to hide a discouraged sense of impossibility.  For nearly half of the children living on the planet their sad reality is that they will never have the opportunity to have adequate food, water, education, health care, and some of the basic human needs met many of us can readily take for granted.  However, our experience is where few viable economic opportunities may exist, athleticism is a commodity and could be part of the beginning of a movement out of poverty and into economic transformation.  

In the Dominican Republic where children thrive and live for baseball, young athletes practice dutifully hoping one day they may each follow in the footsteps of their heroes of baseball.  And remarkably the Dominican has been successful in creating a baseball talent pool unrivaled in the world.  One in seven Major League Baseball players is born the Dominican and even greater percentages are represented in Minor League Baseball.  Young boys practice hour upon hour hoping, dreaming, and believing they can be next.  But in order for this to happen, THEY MUST HAVE THE GEAR.  TRAGICALLY many never get the equipment they need and therefore even with the amazing numbers we have just quoted having success, there could probably be far more.  Gear for Goals has made it a mission to see that all children in the world have access to sport.  

Gear for Goals is a sport project of Dreamweaver International – http://www.dreamweaver911.orgImage


2 thoughts on “SPORT = HOPE = OPPORTUNITY – Gear for Goals changing the world one ball, one mitt, one jump rope at a time.

  1. Hi there,
    I found your article really enlightening. We have to remeber the children in these parts of the world need fun and sports just as much as food and education. Creating athletes and giving children oppotunity to shine in all areas is important. Il be travelling to Kenya in July and will definatly keep your article in mind. If youd like to help my campaign take a look here 🙂

    • Thank you and good luck with your trip. I suggest you ask your friends to donate soccer balls they have lying around in their homes etc and take along 300-400 feet of rope and cut into 4-5 meter lengths as jump ropes.

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