Last year an awesome team came together to make a successful event with the Schaumburg Boomers come together and we hosted a huge mega gear drive. During the 7th inning stretch, we had this really cool flash mob. Here are the team leaders practicing for the event.


Watch this hilarious video showing all the work and I mean work we have to do so we can serve the needs of the Maasai in Kenya. This is truly a labor of love as all doctors spend their own money and donate their time to make this all happen.

On our recent healthcare mission trip, we continued to grow chiropractic along with our medical care to help thousands in Kenya. Working with our charity, Dreamweaver International we are building a hospital in the area called Kilimanjaro Mission Hospital.
visit: to learn more about our work.

Acoustic Truth brings the story and the images to the haunting words “who will save the children”? “You and I”!

Watch this stunning visual instrument of beauty produced by Acoustic Truth for Dreamweaver International to bring attention to the needs of children around the world

Gear for Goals has provided sport to over 25,000 children in 15 countries since inception in 2012. We return to Kenya for the third time in two weeks. We welcome donations of new and used sports equipment, musical instruments, and monetary donations to help with shipping and purchase of bags.

Visit: to learn more

Acoustic Truth is a remarkable talent bringing a unique sound and message to many of the social problems facing children around the world. Performing with simple lyric and sound, they are working with Dreamweaver International to bring attention to many of the problems facing children today. Over 1/2 of all children alive today live in poverty and have little or no HOPE.

G4G – Gear for Goals is one of the fastest growing sports charities in the world. In 2013, G3G has provided sport and hope to children in 15 countries. Over 20,000 children now know sport because of our fans, donors, and sponsors. G4G believes SPORT = HOPE = OPPORTUNITY. Watch this film and pass along. We need professional sports talents to help us teach children domestically and internationally. We need corporate sponsors and donations of sports equipment and musical instruments. To become a fan like us on Facebook and join our team. You can also request our email news by visiting our website: Gear for Goals is a sports humanitarian project of non-profit Dreamweaver International